B. Rai

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  • Baboo Rai, Khan Naushad H, Abhishek Kr, Tabin Rushad, Duggal S K, Student
  • 2011
In this paper the effect of using marble powder and granules as constituents of fines in mortar or concrete by partially reducing quantities of cement as well as other conventional fines has been studied in terms of the relative workability & compressive as well as flexural strengths. Partial replacement of cement and usual fine aggregates by varying(More)
Synthesis is described of eleven new 2-(N-substituted or N,N-disubstituted aminoacetamido)-4- or -4,5-substituted thiazoles (I). Their hydrochlorides were screened for local anaesthetic activity on frogs by the sciatic plexus method and the activity compared with that of procaine.
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