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In this paper, a Wang shape micro strip patch antenna on FR-4 substrate materials has been analyzed and simulated at the 1.04 and 2.24 GHz resonant frequency regime for the GPS and Bluetooth device respectively. The radiation and antenna efficiency are more than 90% and bandwidth is 50.14% and 19% for band 1 and band 2 respectively. The maximum gain is 4.84(More)
  • Baboo Rai, Khan Naushad H, Abhishek Kr, Tabin Rushad, Duggal S K, Student
  • 2011
In this paper the effect of using marble powder and granules as constituents of fines in mortar or concrete by partially reducing quantities of cement as well as other conventional fines has been studied in terms of the relative workability & compressive as well as flexural strengths. Partial replacement of cement and usual fine aggregates by varying(More)
In this article, microstrip antenna with E shaped patch is discussed. Proposed antenna is suitable for band (2.303-2.611GHz). The proposed antenna meet the required impedance bandwidth is 12.53%. The dimension of the proposed antenna is (30&#x00D7;30&#x00D7;1.6 mm<sup>3</sup>). This antenna exhibits bandwidth at 2.457GHz and gain 3.5dBi. The archived band(More)
The human skin is the largest organ in the body which interacts with the environment and protects the body from excessive water loss, attacks by pathogens or abrasion from outside. Both cosmetic and pharma industries quite often have contrasting needs, that is, cosmetic industry desires that the lotion/prescription applied should not penetrate through the(More)
In this paper a Wang shaped patch antenna has been designed for wireless communication systems application such as cellular telephone and radar for the frequency range between 0.7575GHz to 1.2121GHz. The maximum bandwidth, gain, return loss, directivity and efficiency of proposed antenna is 46.16%, 5.2dBi, -25dB, 7.60 dBi and 93% respectively. The antenna(More)
This paper presents a simple and computationally good method for plant species recognition using leaf images. Recognition of plant images is one of the research topics of computer vision. The use of shape for recognizing objects has been actively studied since the beginning of object recognition in 1950s. Several authors suggest that object shape is more(More)
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