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The objective of this study is to combine multiple images of a scene acquired by different sensors to create a new image with all important information from the input images. Recent studies show that bases trained using Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is effective in multisensor fusion and has improved performance over traditional wavelet approaches.(More)
BACKGROUND Malignant tumors of the minor salivary glands comprise a small but significant proportion of oral cancers. We analyzed this group of tumors in our population. METHODS The records of all cases of malignant minor salivary gland tumors diagnosed at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), Rawalpindi, Pakistan, during a period of 10 years(More)
A language generative device, known as Synchronized Pure Pattern grammar, is considered. This serves to link the notions of Pure grammar and Pattern grammar that have been introduced and investigated in the literature with different motivations. A variation in a Synchronized Pure Pattern grammar is introduced. The resultant families of languages are(More)
Reducing the size of a program is a major goal in modern embedded systems. Large code occupies more space in the Chip and also causes higher power consumption because of increased memory traffic. In this paper, a revised architecture is proposed for embedded processors by replacing the Loadstore Architecture with Register-Memory Architecture for selected(More)
We consider a globally coupled network of active (oscillatory) and inactive (nonoscillatory) oscillators with distributed-delay coupling. Conditions for aging transition, associated with suppression of oscillations, are derived for uniform and gamma delay distributions in terms of coupling parameters and the proportion of inactive oscillators. The results(More)
To ignore noisy, skewed, correlated, imbalanced and unnecessary features from real life problems, the feature subset selection with learning algorithm was faced some problems of selecting these relevant features. Several factors like-skewed, high kurtosis valued, dependence or correlation influenced features as well as the classifiers performance. A Dropout(More)
In real-world systems, interactions between elements do not happen instantaneously, due to the time required for a signal to propagate, reaction times of individual elements, and so forth. Moreover, time delays are normally nonconstant and may vary with time. This means that it is vital to introduce time delays in any realistic model of neural networks. In(More)
Measurements of the biomass of deepwater rice plants at sites on the three major floodplains in Bangladesh (Ganges, Jamuna, Meghna) with and without fertilizer treatment were made from shortly before the arrival of flood water (June) until it was receding (mid-October). There was usually an approximately linear increase in biomass per unit area with time(More)
Recognition of human face emotions plays challenging and crucial role in designing some applications such as computeraided learning and human-computer interaction system. It becomes more professional when recognizing face emotions from a sequence of images or video. Instead of directly classifying facial expressions into set of basic emotion classes, there(More)
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