B. Radhakrishnan Nair

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Methanol, aqueous and chloroform extracts of Cleome viscosa and Cleome burmanni were tested for anthelmintic potential against the Indian earthworm Pheritima posthuma. Different concentrations of the extracts ranging from 50-2000 μg/ml were tested and results expressed as time required for paralysis and death of the worms. Piperazine citrate was used as a(More)
The present study evaluates the reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenging and in vitro antioxidant activities of two species of Cleome, C. viscosa and C. burmanni. The antioxidant potential of the methanol extracts of species of Cleome was tested using different assays such as FRAP, DPPH, ABTS, hydroxyl, superoxide, nitric oxide, and hydrogen peroxide. The(More)
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