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The "professional thief" is a highly specialized predatory offender with a history that dates back to Elizabethan England. Although this type of criminal is generally associated with narcotic addiction, his drug-taking typically involved the use of heroin, morphine, and cocaine on an intermittent basis. However, trafficking in drugs was common to the(More)
The main focus of this study is to present some historical information on inhalant use as well as to review certain findings from the last three decades concerning the "sniffing" of volatile hydrocarbons. Additionally, in order to examine some suggested hypotheses which have emerged from prior inhalant studies, an analysis of 248 inhalant users who were(More)
In a follow-up study of 184 emergency room patients experiencing acute drug reactions, several respondents were inaccessible. In this paper the 83 accessible and 101 nonaccessible patients are compared in order to determine why respondents are often difficult to locate in a follow-up study. Those patients who were the most accessible proved to be primarily(More)
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