B. R. Potgieter

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The neuroprotective effect of melatonin against the quinolinic acid-induced degeneration of rat hippocampal neurons was investigated. Three groups of rats were given intrahippocampal injections of either; saline, quinolinic acid or i.p. injections of melatonin prior to and after being injected with quinolinic acid. On the fifth day after the(More)
A new antidepressive drug, S1694, produces increased locomotor activity (LA) in mice, but less so than d-amphetamine. This effect is decreased by pimozide, phenoxybenzamine, as well as by pretreatment of the animals with reserpine or alpha-methyl-p-tyrosine methyl ester (H44/68). S1694 inhibits active dopamine (DA) uptake into rat striatal synaptosomes, but(More)