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Evaluation of the security of data hiding methods has gained considerable interest recently. The security of quantisation index modulation (QIM) based watermark embedding methods has previously been investigated for different classes of attacks including known-message attack, known-original attack and watermark-only attack. In this paper, an extreme case of(More)
Acute life threatening events such as cardiac/respiratory arrests are often predictable in adults and children. However critical events such as unplanned extubations are considered as not predictable. This paper seeks to evaluate the ability of automated prediction systems based on feature space embedding and time series methods to predict unplanned(More)
We have recently proposed the framework of independent blind source separation as an advantageous approach to steganography. Amongst the several characteristics noted was a sensitivity to message reconstruction due to small perturbations in the sources. This characteristic is not common in most other approaches to steganography. In this paper we discuss how(More)
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