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The effect of standard concentrations of lidocaine HCl and methylparaben (preservative) on the ciliary activity of ferret tracheal rings in organ culture was assessed. Pure lidocaine concentrations as low as 0.5% caused complete ciliostasis which was reversible after removal of the drug. One percent and two percent effects were not completely reversible.(More)
The effects of local anesthetics on ciliary activity were studied using ferret tracheal rings maintained in vitro. Ciliary activity was quantitated visually after exposure to varying concentrations of mepivacaine, lidocaine, procaine, chloroprocaine, and bupivacaine. The recovery of ciliary activity was determined after tracheal rings were washed free of(More)
Species-specific serodiagnosis of malaria could be made by means of the standardized indirect fluorescent antibody test, either by determination of the usual end-point titres or by fluorescent intensity measurements on antigens. The malarial antibody levels could also be measured by the fluorescent intensity measurements at a single serum dilution. Thus the(More)
Pulmonary antibacterial activity was determined by challenging halothane-exposed and control mice to radiolabeled (32P) Staphylococcus aureus produced by an aerosol generator and by determining the relative changes in viable bacterial and radioisotope counts in ground lung immediately after exposure and 4 hours later. Mice that were anesthetized for 4 hours(More)
The effects of varying concentrations of halothane on tracheal ciliary activity were studied using a ferret tracheal organ culture technique. Using 1% and 2% halothane produced no impairment of ciliary activity, while 3% halothane caused some ciliostasis; 4% and 5% halothane produced rapid cessation of ciliary activity. Recovery was prompt and complete(More)
Methods are described whereby results of malarial immunofluorescence tests can be evaluated objectively. The IFA test was quantitated by standardizing the physical system against a fluorescent standard and preparation of biological standards of malarial antisera and fluorescein labelled conjugates. Using these known standards the reactivity of antigens was(More)