B R Hudson

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OBJECTIVE Evaluation of a short latency component (SLC) observed in profoundly deaf young children during recordings of the auditory brain stem response (ABR) before cochlear implantation. DESIGN Seventy young children (ages 2 to 11 yr) were investigated as part of their routine audiologic and diagnostic assessment, before cochlear implantation. The ABR(More)
Recall and recognition memory performance of 12 young (M = 19 yr.) and 12 older (M = 72 yr.) females was studied in relation to response delay (5, 25, and 125 sec.) and stimulus complexity (6.1 and 13.7 bits of information). The subjects were matched on verbal IQ, visual acuity, and educational levels. Stimuli were abstract, black and white, 4 X 4 square(More)
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