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Most research investigating risk practices for HIV infection and other STDs amongst sex workers has focused on street prostitutes to the exclusion of those prostitutes who work in different sections of the industry. This is largely a consequence of methodological difficulties in accessing prostitutes other than those who work on the streets. HIV prevention(More)
A large-scale survey was conducted to obtain a comprehensive picture of the range of women involved in prostitution in Victoria and to document their concerns about health in relation to sex work. There was considerable diversity in the ages, education levels, family situations and attitudes to sex work among women working mainly in the legal brothels in(More)
Though it is recognised that a sound knowledge of HIV/STD transmission is insufficient on its own to ensure that young people practise safer sex, knowledge of this sort is a necessary prerequisite to safe sex behaviours. Research on the HIV/STD knowledge levels of young people has shown that, while they have high levels of HIV knowledge, they generally have(More)
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