B . R . Eggen

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BACKGROUND The most direct way in which climate change is expected to affect public health relates to changes in mortality rates associated with exposure to ambient temperature. Many countries worldwide experience annual heat-related and cold-related deaths associated with current weather patterns. Future changes in climate may alter such risks. Estimates(More)
BACKGROUND High and low ambient temperatures are associated with increased mortality in temperate and subtropical climates. Temperature-related mortality patterns are expected to change throughout this century because of climate change. OBJECTIVES We compared mortality associated with heat and cold in UK regions and Australian cities for current and(More)
Using a spin density functional code AIMPRO we have examined the properties of interstitials and adatoms on graphite modelled as one two or three layers of a polyaromatic hydrocarbon C H and on a number of fullerenes We report the structure bonding and en ergetics of these defects and give an account of their mobilities Their formation energies are high and(More)
INTRODUCTION This systematic literature review aims to identify documented impacts that windstorms have on human health. Windstorms occur frequently and some researchers have predicted an increase in severe gales in the future, resulting in an urgent need to understand the related patterns of morbidity and mortality. STUDY DESIGN Systematic literature(More)
We postulate wide-band-gap forms of carbon that locally have a planar bonding configuration as in graphite and, in contrast to diamond, are promising candidates for n-type doping by nitrogen. The presence of localized p bonds makes them as stable as fullerene C60 and causes large band gaps of '3 eV to appear. The allotropes accept both nitrogen and boron as(More)
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