B. Q. Fan

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Mitochondrial reorganization during meiotic maturation and parthenogenetic activation was studied in mouse oocytes using a laser scanning confocal microscope and a transmission electron microscope. Mitochondria were mainly distributed perinuclearly in the germinal vesicle (GV) stage oocytes and were dispersed throughout ooplasm after germinal vesicle(More)
AIM To study the mechanism of oocyte activation in mammals. METHODS Mouse oocytes arrested at metaphase of the second meiotic division were loaded with Fura 2-AM and then activated with ethanol, calcimycin, electric pulse or fertilization. Intracellular free Ca2+ during activation were measured by Spex AR-CM-MIC cation system. Cortical granule exocytosis(More)
Oocytes collected 18-19 h after HCG injection were stimulated with 7-8% ethanol or electrical pulses (1.7 KV/cm field strength, 80-100 microseconds duration, 3-4 times, 5-6 min interval). The parthenogenetic embryos derived from the above-mentioned methods developed to blastocyst stage just like those developed from fertilized eggs. Mouse oocytes were(More)
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