B. Prasad

G. C. Eizenga2
M. H. Jia2
E. R. Gasore1
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Two accessions of Oryza nivara, a wild ancestral species of rice (O. sativa) identified as being moderately resistant to sheath blight and leaf blast disease, were used as donor parents to develop two advanced backcross populations with the US rice cultivar, Bengal, as the recurrent parent. The O. nivara donor parent for Wild-1 (252 BC2F1 lines) was acc.(More)
Oryza meridionalis is the wild Oryza species endemic to Australia. There are eight AA-genome Oryza species, one of which is cultivated rice, O. sativa, and O. meridionalis is the most genetically distant one. An O. meridionalis (IRGC105608) accession, previously identified as being moderately resistant to rice sheath blight (ShB) disease, was used as the(More)
The aim of this paper is to present a methodology for integrating Concurrent Engineering (CE) concepts in a steelwork construction project. Differences between construction sector and manufacturing sector are first reviewed through the description of the specificities of the construction sector in terms of organisations and main features projects. The(More)
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