B. Prasad

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The aim of this paper is to present a methodology for integrating Concurrent Engineering (CE) concepts in a steelwork construction project. Differences between construction sector and manufacturing sector are first reviewed through the description of the specificities of the construction sector in terms of organisations and main features projects. The(More)
Policy-based management could be a terribly effective methodology to guard sensitive info. However, the over claim of privileges is widespread in rising applications, together with mobile applications and social network services, as a result of the applications' users concerned in policy administration have very little information of policy-based(More)
The distributed generation (DG) systems based on the renewable energy sources have rapidly developed in recent years. These DG systems are powered by micro sources such as fuel cells, photovoltaic (PV) systems, and batteries. The micro grid concept consists of two stages, in the first stage the low level voltage from the pv cell is converted to high level(More)
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