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ROVI is a device used to guide visually impaired people to dwell around. The conventional method is the white cane which will be used to sense the surface and of the obstacle around the blind. In this project, the white cane is attached to a mobile platform which will have an array of sensors used to detect obstacles.. The mobile robot will be given a(More)
Generally, thin cylindrical shells are susceptible for geometrical imperfections like non-circularity, non-cylindricity, dents, swellings etc. All these geometrical imperfections decrease the static buckling strength of thin cylindrical shells. In this work, neighbourhood effect of two circumferential short dents on the buckling behaviour of thin short(More)
Thin plates are subject to several imperfections (including dents) which reduce the ultimate strength of plates. In this work, nearness effect of two short dents of same size on the ultimate strength of a thin square steel plate is numerically investigated. Dents are modeled on the FE surface of the undented plate by varying the location and orientation of(More)
In this paper, individual and combined effects of distributed and local geometrical imperfections on the limit load of an isotropic, thin-walled cylindrical shell under axial compression are investigated. First eigen affine mode shape imperfection pattern (FEAMSIP) is taken as distributed geometrical imperfections and dent as local geometrical(More)
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