B. Prabhakar

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In the present investigation, we report the extracellular biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNP) employing the fungus Cladosporium cladosporioides. The extracellular solution of C. cladosporioides was used for the reduction of AgNO(3) solution to AgNP. The present study includes time dependent formation of AgNP employing UV-vis spectrophotometer, size(More)
A new approach has been proposed to reduce the computations involved in the ISAR imaging, which uses Harmonic Wavelet (HW) based Time-Frequency Representation (TFR). Since the HW based TFR falls into a category of non-parametric Time-Frequency (T-F) analysis tool, it is computationally efficient compared to parametric T-F analysis tools such as Adaptive(More)
Advanced digital imaging technology in medical domain demands efficient and effective DICOM image compression for progressive image transmission and picture archival. Here a compression system, which incorporates sensitivities of HVS coded with SPIHT quantization, is discussed. The weighting factors derived from luminance CSF are used to transform the(More)
Target identification using Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) imaging is an important tool required with the current day high-resolution radars for threat assessment and evaluation. Identification of target using the ISAR images is gaining popularity because of its importance in decision-making. The ISAR image represents the target’s reflectivity(More)
This framework is devoted to analyze the tangent hyperbolic fluid in the presence of nanoparticles. In order to disperse the nanoparticle from the surface of sheet, condition of zero normal flux of nanoparticles is introduced at the surface. Inclined magnetic field is applied with an aligned angle $$\gamma$$ γ at the surface of the sheet. Moreover,(More)
Twelve sweet sorghum genotypes were evaluated for seed germination and vigour traits under accelerated ageing and natural storage conditions to examine the genetic variation, heritability and correlation. Loss in seed germination, field emergence and seedling vigour were more due to accelerated ageing than natural storage. Seedling vigour showed moderate(More)
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