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Pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) of bacterial DNA was used in a 1-month epidemiological study of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in a 15-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Patient and hospital staff carriage as well as distribution of MRSA in the ICU environment were investigated, and a total of 3802 samples produced 175 isolates. The(More)
Infectious enterocolitis sometimes spreads through intensive care units, the origin being contamination by "drips". A 9 month study concerning patients fed by nasogastric "drip" revealed 70 p. 100 of cases of severe diarrhea. Stool cultures confirmed the infectious origin of this diarrhea in 66 p. 100 cases. Virtually all of the suspect drip containers and(More)
The exogenous respiratory infections have two transmission channels, the airborne and the handborne ways, and two entrance doors, tracheotomy and intubation. Indeed, most often, contamination of the oropharynx occurs prior to the bacterial pneumonia. These microorganisms are isolated on healthy carries, on linen, furniture, air-conditioning system and so(More)
Sanitary U bends are very contaminated places from a microbiological point of view. They may even be dangerous for immunocompromised patients. Although daily chloride disinfection of U-bends is ineffective, it seems to work when performed after each use of sanitary devices. On line disinfection reduces not only U-bend bacteriological contamination but also(More)
Among 350 patients admitted to a surgical intensive care unit between 1.1.77 and 31.9.77, their profile and septic course being defined, two populations were studied: -- the first involved 49 patients dying of infection during their stay in the department; -- the second involved 132 patients developing a non lethal infectious syndrome. Comparative study of(More)
The aim of this study is to assess wether the use of the bacteriological filter Pall BB 22 15 placed on the Y piece of the anesthesia equipment decreases contamination and furthermore to evaluate the cost of this practice versus changing anesthetic circuits after every patient. Randomized trials are conducted with three "Engström" machines in three cardiac(More)
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