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The complete 1,751,377-bp sequence of the genome of the thermophilic archaeon Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum deltaH has been determined by a whole-genome shotgun sequencing approach. A total of 1,855 open reading frames (ORFs) have been identified that appear to encode polypeptides, 844 (46%) of which have been assigned putative functions based on(More)
We report on the complete absence of protein 4.2 in two Tunisian siblings. The propositus presented with a haemolytic anaemia that evolved in an intermittent fashion until she was cured by splenectomy. Her red cells had a normal morphology, as well as normal deformability upon osmotic gradient ektacytometry. SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis failed to(More)
Spectrin alpha-chain mutants associated with hereditary elliptocytosis are highly variable in their level of expression. It has been assumed that the degree of elliptocytosis can be increased when the spectrin alpha chain, encoded by the alpha gene in trans to the variant, is expressed at a low level. We now provide strong evidence for the existence of(More)
We report on a case of congenital stomatocytosis in a French boy presenting with a haemolytic anaemia requiring splenectomy at the age of 6. The red cells included 15-20% stomatocytes and displayed a marked increase of volume. Their osmotic resistance and density were reduced; however, their deformability was unaltered in isotonicity. Erythrocyte Na+ was(More)
We describe a new spectrin variant with a truncated beta-chain. It was discovered in a 17-year-old white boy presenting with intermittent jaundice and spleen enlargement. He also displayed numerous smooth elliptocytes. On sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel, the truncated beta-chain (beta'-chain) appeared as an additional band of approximately 216(More)
The Sp alpha I/65 variant of the spectrin has been recently described in black people with hereditary elliptocytosis (HE). The present study reports on a similar Sp alpha I/65 variant in nine North African persons belonging to four unrelated families. The abnormality was associated with a variable degree of elliptocytosis. In one case, red cell morphology(More)
Spectrin Nice (beta 220/216) is a spectrin variant associated with a shortened beta chain found in a patient with elliptocytosis. The shortened beta chain (beta' chain) appeared as an additional band of approximately 216 Kd on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and was defective in its ability to be phosphorylated. There were(More)
Partial digestion of spectrin dimers in vitro has allowed the definition of domains. For example, the portions of the dimers that are involved in spectrin self-association are represented by the alpha I and the beta I domains. The alpha I domain (80 Kd) is further cleaved into a minor 78 Kd fragment and, more substantially, into a 74 Kd fragment. The(More)