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  • B Pontĕn
  • British journal of plastic surgery
  • 1981
The fasciocutaneous flap is very useful in the repair of soft tissue defects on the lower leg. It is easy to design and construct large flaps that are safe because of the good circulation. The operating time is short for an experienced surgeon and no extra equipment is needed. It is perfectly possible to carry out surgery on the underlying bones at the same(More)
Cooperation between orthopaedic and plastic surgeons is an important factor in the treatment of open fractures. In this article a report is made on a retrospective study of a 5-year series of open fractures of the shaft of the tibia treated at the University Hospital in Uppsala between 1972 and 1976. The study proves that the change to external fixation of(More)
The details of two consecutive groups of cleft palate patients treated with one- or two-stage palate repair are presented. The total number of patients is 237, with 128 operated in one stage, and 109 operated in two stages. In the two-stage group, the frequency of 'unintended' palatal fistulas decreased by 80%, and the use of blood transfusions was greatly(More)