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INTRODUCTION (125)I-labeled monoclonal antibodies ((125)I-mAbs) can efficiently treat small solid tumors. Here, we investigated the role of apoptosis, autophagy and mitotic catastrophe in (125)I-mAb toxicity in p53(-/-) and p53(+/+) cancer cells. METHODS We exposed p53(-/-) and p53(+/+) HCT116 cells to increasing activities of internalizing (cytoplasmic(More)
INTRODUCTION Low dose-rate radioimmunotherapy (RIT) using (125)I-labelled monoclonal antibodies ((125)I-mAbs) is associated with unexpected high cytotoxicity per Gy. METHODS We investigated whether this hypersensitivity was due to lack of detection of DNA damage by the targeted cells. DNA damage was measured with the alkaline comet assay, gamma-H2AX foci(More)
This study aimed to compare MR thermal mapping during Laser-induced Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT) to thermal lesions observed macroscopically, in order to estimate the 3D size of the coagulative necrosis. Laser irradiation was performed ex-vivo with a 980 nm laser in pig liver in a open low-magnetic field (0.2T) scanner. The laser light was(More)
Developments in open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnets have made possible the use of reproducible thermosensitive sequences to determine temperature distribution inside biological tissue. This study aimed to compare MR thermal mapping during laser-induced interstitial thermal therapy (LITT) with macroscopically observed thermal lesions in order to(More)
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