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We investigate the acoustic selective focusing properties of time reversal in a two-dimensional acoustic waveguide. A far-field model of the problem is proposed in the time-harmonic case. In order to tackle the question of selective focusing, we derive an asymptotic model for small scatterers. We show that in the framework of this limit problem, approximate(More)
Articulated solid bodies (ASB) is a basic model for the study of shapechanging underwater vehicles made of rigid parts linked together by pivoting joints. In this paper we study the locomotion of such swimming mechanisms in an ideal fluid. Our study ranges over a wide class of problems: several ASBs can be involved (without being hydrodynamically(More)
A time harmonic far field model for closed electromagnetic time reversal mirrors is proposed. Then, a limit model corresponding to small perfectly conducting scatterers is derived. This asymptotic model is used to prove the selective focusing properties of the time reversal operator. In particular, a mathematical justification of the DORT method(More)
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