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Virulent strains of the coccidian parasiteToxoplasma gondii become attenuated so as to survive and complete their life cycle; however, it is not known whether the attenuation process is attributable to an innate cystogenic capacity of the parasite or to host-induced mechanisms. This report presents direct evidence of RH cystogenesis in non-immunised Fischer(More)
Let G ⊂ Ĝ be two complex connected reductive groups. We deals with the hard problem of finding sub-G-modules of a given irreducible Ĝ-module. In the case where G is diagonally embedded in Ĝ = G × G, S. Kumar and O. Mathieu found some of them, proving the PRV conjecture. Recently, the authors generalized the PRV conjecture on the one hand to the case where(More)
For a G-variety X with an open orbit, we define its boundary ∂X as the complement of the open orbit. The action sheaf SX is the subsheaf of the tangent sheaf made of vector fields tangent to ∂X. We prove, for a large family of smooth spherical varieties, the vanishing of the cohomology groups Hi(X,SX) for i > 0, extending results of F. Bien and M. Brion(More)