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We describe the Minimal Model Program in the family of Q-Gorenstein projective horo-spherical varieties, by studying a family of polytopes defined from the moment polytope of a Cartier divisor of the variety we begin with. In particular, we generalize the results on MMP in toric varieties due to M. Reid, and we complete the results on MMP in spherical(More)
We prove a conjecture of L. Bonavero, C. Casagrande, O. Debarre and S. Druel, on the pseudo-index of smooth Fano varieties, in the special case of horospherical varieties. Let X be a normal, complex, projective algebraic variety of dimension d. Assume that X is Fano, namely the anticanonical divisor −K X is Cartier (in other words, X is Gorenstein) and(More)
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