B. Parvatha Varthini

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Resource Co-Allocation is basically used to execute multiple site jobs in a large scale computing environments with secure, faultless and in transparent manner. To be precise we are actually allocating multiple resources for different jobs taking into account the time parameter. Here we make use of the Scheduling queue and Resource Co-Allocation to reduce(More)
Dynamic Grid computing is a process of Share the grid balanced resources and services in a large-scale worldwide distributed Environment with fault free run time application. Resource management technique (RMT) jointly works with grid broker for an elastic grid computing. Broker that acts as a middle man to the stock exchange and place trade on behalf of(More)
Group communication is the basis for many multimedia and web applications. The group key management is a critical problem in a large dynamic group. All group rekeying protocols incur communication and computation overhead at the group key controller and at the group members. EOFT (enhanced one way function tree) approach uses the CRT tuples of smaller(More)
In Multicast communication, the group rekeying protocols follow either centralized or decentralized architecture. The centralized architecture suffers from the 1 affects n phenomenon while the decentralized architecture suffers from the translation latency. This proposed work HGRA (hybrid group rekey architecture) introduces a novel rekeying architecture(More)
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