B P S Williamson

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MeCP2 is a methyl-CpG-binding protein that is a main component of brain chromatin in vertebrates. In vitro studies have determined that in addition to its specific methyl-CpG-binding domain (MBD) MeCP2 also has several chromatin association domains. However, the specific interactions of MeCP2 with methylated or non-methylated chromatin regions and the(More)
Acknowledgements For assistance in various capacities during this study we express sincere thanks to: We also are grateful to Ed Martinko (Director, Kansas Biological Survey) and Dean Kettle (Director, University of Kansas Field Station) for access to tracts and to field facilities. The Smooth Earth Snake (Virginia valeriae) and Redbelly Snake (Storeria(More)
Session abstract: We are currently conducting a formative evaluation study on a new basal biology curriculum for ninth and tenth grade students that integrates the World Wide Web with a short topic-oriented textbook. The curriculum is based on the National Science Education Standards and emphasizes an active, constructivist learning program that integrates(More)
This 3.5 year EPSRC-funded studentship is to work with Professor B.A. Wallace at Birkbeck College, University of London on studies of bacterial and chimeric voltage-gated sodium channels. The aim of this project is to enhance our knowledge of sodium channel structure, function and ligand binding with the ultimate goal of understanding the molecular basis of(More)
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