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Using the entropy function formalism we compute the entropy of extremal super-symmetric and non-supersymmetric black holes in N = 2 supergravity theories in four dimensions with higher derivative corrections. For supersymmetric black holes our results agree with all previous analysis. However in some examples where the four dimensional theory is expected to(More)
Since the phenomenon of cloud computing was proposed, there is an unceasing interest for research across the globe. Cloud computing has been seen as unitary of the technology that poses the next-generation computing revolution and rapidly becomes the hottest topic in the field of IT. This fast move towards Cloud computing has fuelled concerns on a(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks have limited resources with traditional data gathering techniques. One of the limitations of wireless sensor nodes is its inherent limited energy resource. Therefore, designing an effective wireless sensor network to maximizing the lifetime of sensor node in order to minimize maintenance and maximize overall system performance(More)
We study giant magnons in the the D1-D5 system from both the boundary CFT and as classical solutions of the string sigma model in AdS 3 × S 3 × T 4. Reexamining earlier studies of the symmetric product conformal field theory we argue that giant magnons in the symmetric product are BPS states in a centrally extended SU(1|1) × SU(1|1) superalgebra with two(More)
— The wide spread of mobiles as handheld devices leads to various innovative applications that makes use of their ever increasing presence in our daily life. One such application is location-tracking and monitoring. This paper proposes a prototype model for location tracking using Geographical Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile(More)
—In general, sensor nodes are deployed in left unattended area. In such situation feeding energy to the batteries or replacing the batteries is difficult or even sometimes impossible too. Therefore, prolonging the network lifetime is an important optimization goal in this aspect. In this paper, we propose a new Energy-efficient Datacentric RoUtinG protocol(More)
The revolution in high-speed broadband network is the requirement of the current time, in other words here is an unceasing demand for high data rate and mobility. Both provider and customer see, the long time evolution (LTE) could be the promising technology for providing broadband, mobile Internet access. To provide better quality of service (QoS) to(More)