B. P. R. Hartley

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Howell, R. W., and Hartley, B. P. R. (1972). Brit. J. industr. Med., 29,432435. Variability in audiometric recording. A study of initial and repeat audiograms by two operators on 143 young male new entrants to industry (free of previous occupational exposure) has shown that mean values (mean of both ears, readings at 3 and 4 kHz) differed significantly(More)
For nearly 150 years after its foundation, Fellows of the Royal Society collected information on trees, investigated their anatomy and physiology, promoted planting and improved planting practices, and introduced, naturalized and classified foreign species. Their discoveries and advice were widely disseminated and used. Historians have generally neglected(More)
Many users consider telemedicine a partial solution to problems of delivering health care to remote areas or areas underserved by clinicians. Current telemedical technology benefits from recent developments such as the decreased cost and improved quality of the coder-decoder (codec) equipment used in interactive digital video systems and the expansion of(More)
Subject variability in short-term audiometric recording. The reliability of a single audiogram at one examination has not been established under industrial conditions. It has previously been suggested that when audiograms are taken they should be performed at least three times, preferably not at one sitting, and that the mean level at each frequency should(More)
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