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This paper describes a method to directly measure the physical sag of overhead electric power transmission conductors. The method used relies on the Global Positioning System (GPS) used in the differential mode. The direct measurement of sag is a main advantage of the concept. The digital signal processing required is described in detail in a four level(More)
m-ary subtraction: If x and sEI , then their m-ary difference is defined by A technique is described to approximate a linear time—invariant (LTI) system by a linear inadic invariant (LMI) system or, equivalently, approximate a circulant matrix by a supercirculant matrix. This approximation reduces the number of multiplies required for computing cyclic(More)
This is a project report from the Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC). PSERC is a multi-university Center conducting research on challenges facing a restructuring electric power industry and educating the next generation of power engineers. More information about PSERC can be found at the Center's website: program. Our thanks is given to(More)
The paper establishes a correspondence between performance requirements, mathematical parameters, and circuit parameters of a sigma— delta modulator. The sigma—delta modulator is viewed as a device which distributes the noise power over a much broader band, compared to signal bandwidth, shapes and amplifies it, and allows filtering of the out-of—band noise.(More)
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to consider speech to be an all-pole process. This oversimplification of what is actually known about speech encourages belief that all-pole linear prediction can lead to an exact representation. The finite duration of individual glottal pubes and the antiresonance characteristics of the nasal tract prevent true representation and the reader should not(More)
A methodology has been developed for modeling and mapping various aerosol parameters using the IRS-P4 Ocean Color Monitoring [OCM] multi-spectral data having wide swath of 1420 km and high (360 m) spatial resolution and high (2 days ) temporal coverage. OCM images in 8 spectral bands at radiometric resolution of 12 bits. In the present work, a methodology(More)
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