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A retrospective epidemiological and histopathological review was made of 258 patients. Forty had laryngeal polyps, 35 vocal fold nodules, and 41 Reinke edema. One hundred forty-two records were excluded for lack of epidemiological or histopathological data. No dysplastic changes were observed in nodules or polyps. One patient with edema had mild dysplasia.(More)
We report the results obtained in a study of 3 young patients with laryngeal papillomatosis, who were treated with acyclovir after tumor excision using forceps was performed under microlaryngoscopy. No recurrence of the papillomatosis occurred between 18 and 42 months post-therapy. Laryngeal papillomatosis is the most common proliferative laryngeal lesion(More)
Histological analysis of the human vocal folds, focused particularly on the lamina propria of the vocal muscle of fetuses, infants, and adults in horizontal laryngeal sections, allowed us to show the differences in morphology and composition according to the laryngeal development. Our results indicate that the origin of the vocal fold is independent of the(More)
Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy are probably the commonest surgeries performed in the ENT field as well as the most controversial ones. There are very few consensus documents available for these two surgeries. In 1997 a document written by the two mentioned Societies was published, in order to update such document regarding tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy(More)
The present work was carried out to study cartilaginous repair after subperichondrial resection of the septal cartilage, the fibrous layer of the perichondrium remaining "in situ". In these conditions, after granulation tissue formation, both neochondrogenesis and connective tissue differentiation were observed. Neochondrogenesis was found in defect areas(More)
For many years there has been admitted a close link between climatology and the course of secretory otitis media. Despite of that there are few articles in medical literature covering this subject. As a consequence of the special climate of their Island the AA. study the evolutive run of the illness under different rates of humidity.
Electroneurography (EnoG) is a prognostic test used in the assessment of the peripheral facial nerve paralysis. We believe that when performed in standard conditions and together with the clinical evolutive parameters, it is very useful to reveal the critical time for a more radical treatment. We studied 44 patients; 13 patients had greater than 90% neural(More)
In this paper we pretend to study the incidence of the OMS according to age and sex, as the possible paper played by the hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsil and the allergy of its production. We observe a mayor presentation between four and six years old, no difference occurs in relation to sex, and on important paper of the hypertrophy of the pharyngeal(More)
After a morphometric study, done in adult temporals, of the inner diametre of the fallopian bony canal, of the thickness of both the epineural space and the nerve trunck (in petrous, tympanic and mastoid segments) and the like with the geniculate ganglion and the pyramidal bend, the AA. thrown out the conclusion that when a generalized edema of the nerve is(More)
In a prospective study, measurement of a 9.00 a.m. basal serum cortisol and biopsies of the inferior turbinate mucosa were taken from 40 patients using topical nasal corticosteroid (Budesonide) continuously for month or years. No systemic adverse effects and no histopathological changes of significance were found. These findings do no suggest that topically(More)