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A modern physics facility must synchronize the operation of equipment over a wide area. The primary purpose of the site wide SNS synchronization and timing system is to synchronize the operation of the LINAC, accumulator ring and neutron choppers and to distribute appropriate timing signals to accelerator systems, including the Injector, LINAC, Accumulator(More)
The SNS has developed a standard power supply interface for the approximately 350 magnet power supplies in the SNS accumulator ring, Linac and transport lines. Power supply manufacturers are providing supplies compatible with the standard interface. The SNS standard consists of a VME based power supply controller module (PSC) and a power supply interface(More)
The large scale application of non-evaporable getter coating in RHIC has been effective in reducing the electron cloud. Since beams with higher intensity and smaller bunch spacing became possible in operation, the emittance growth is of concern. Study results are reported together with experiences of machine improvements: saturated NEG coatings,(More)
The RHIC Beam Abort Kicker Power Supply Systems commissioning experience and the remaining issues will be reported in this paper. The RHIC Blue Ring Beam Abort Kicker Power Supply System initial commissioning took place in June 1999. Its identical system in Yellow Ring was brought on line during Spring 2000. Each of the RHIC Beam Abort Kicker Power Supply(More)
The physics interest in a luminosity upgrade of RHIC requires the development of a cooling-frontier facility. Detailed calculations were made of electron cooling of the stored RHIC beams. This has been followed by beam dynamics simulations to establish the feasibility of creating the necessary electron beam. The electron beam accelerator will be a(More)
The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) timing and Real Time Data Link (RTDL) systems are being designed and developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and other SNS collaborating labs [1]. The VME-based SNS timing system is comprised of a phase locked loop (PLL) to generate a 120 Hz power line locked clock, a(More)
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