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Students in the developing world are frequently cited as being among the most important beneficiaries of online education initiatives such as massive open online courses (MOOCs). While some predict that online classrooms will replace physical classrooms, our experience suggests that blending online and in-person instruction is more likely to succeed in(More)
JFLAP is a powerful and popular educational software tool that allows students in Formal Languages and Automata courses to understand theoretical concepts in a visual and interactive manner. In this paper, we enhance the quality of JFLAP's interactivity in two ways that are extremely useful for beginners learning to build finite automata: (1) our tool can(More)
This paper implements a technique that enhances parallel execution of auto-generated OpenMP programs by considering architecture of on chip cache memory. It avoids false-sharing in 'for-loops' by generating OpenMP code for dynamically scheduling chunks by placing each core's data cache line size apart. An open-source parallelization tool called Par4All has(More)
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