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  • B Neumayer
  • Deutsche Zeitschrift für Mund-, Kiefer- und…
  • 1990
Dividing the facial profile into three sectors according to the principle of the golden section with one circle around the auditory meatus as the center provides a basis for a harmonic profile. An additional important factor for the general harmony of the profile is the nose. Based on a great number of measurements, computer programs allow preoperative(More)
The tapping screws of the Medicon Osteosynthese System applied in the jaw and facial area were checked for their mechanical sturdiness. Screwing tests with bones and aluminium were carried out. The minimum fracture moment, the moment transferrable by the screw slot and the required moment for a tight seat of the Osteosynthese plate on the bone surface were(More)
  • B Neumayer
  • Deutsche Zeitschrift für Mund-, Kiefer- und…
  • 1991
Most recently there seems to be a general turning away from the use of rectangular osteosynthesis miniplates in the treatment of maxillofacial fractures and in plastic surgery. Meanwhile a novel design based on circular arcs and connecting bars has been successfully employed. Its particular two-dimensional shape allows three-dimensional deformation without(More)
Different systems of self-cutting screws are tested by a measuring instrument to test the torsional strain. Modern methods of measuring techniques are applied to get results of the torsional force and the torque by screwing into the bones. To get a self-cutting screw system several methods of biomechanical properties must be applied. A variety of quality(More)
Tapping screws of the Medicon system were checked for their mechanical strength by a time-torque curve and a new measurement system. To simulate a real situation three types of screws were applied. The predrill was 80% of the kernel diameter. The percentage of demolition was significantly higher with longer screws because there was a typical tilting of(More)
Three years of clinical use and testing provided clear support to the advantages of the self-tapping titanium splithole screws. Although having rather flat heads these screws afford a fast grip with the screw driver blade. In addition to this, the pin offers good axial guidance and adhesion of the screw. The cylindrical design of the screw equator improves(More)
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