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An analytical extraction of the non-quasi-static nonlinear lookup table FET model at mm-wave frequencies is demonstrated in this study. Frequency dispersion present at mm-wave frequencies is compensated for by introduction of higher order dynamics of nonlinear constituent components. Nonlinear charge- and current-sources are used as the constituent(More)
An experimental investigation of the low-frequency dispersion affecting the behaviour of microwave devices is reported in this work. The study has been carried out by exploiting two different measurement techniques and experiments have been performed on a GaN based HEMT. In particular, bias and frequency dependence of dynamic characteristics has been(More)
Miniature, light weight and low-loss filters are important components for wireless and mm-wave applications. Here, we present a novel implementation of integrated cavities on a thin-film technology with through-substrate vias on 100 mum thick high-resistivity wafers. A 60 GHz horizontally integrated cavity bandpass filter is demonstrated. The filter has an(More)
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