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An analytical extraction of the non-quasi-static nonlinear lookup table FET model at mm-wave frequencies is demonstrated in this study. Frequency dispersion present at mm-wave frequencies is compensated for by introduction of higher order dynamics of nonlinear constituent components. Nonlinear charge- and current-sources are used as the constituent(More)
In this paper, the impact of conventional silicon technology parameters on the characteristics of passives is studied. For both inductors and capacitors, cost-effective modules, which integrate easily into wiring BEOL (back-end of line) in a conventional silicon technology and provide high Q factor components are presented. For an inductor of 3 nH, designed(More)
Circuit simulation of RF circuits with on silicon chip spiral inductors would benefit strongly from an accurate and scalable closed-form expression for the inductance. A simple expression for inductance is also necessary for initial inductor design. In this paper, we present such a closed-form physics-based expression. The accuracy of the expression is(More)
Miniature, light weight and low-loss filters are important components for wireless and mm-wave applications. Here, we present a novel implementation of integrated cavities on a thin-film technology with through-substrate vias on 100 mum thick high-resistivity wafers. A 60 GHz horizontally integrated cavity bandpass filter is demonstrated. The filter has an(More)
In this paper a simplified “1.5D” modeling approach is presented which can be used to characterize and optimize an entire active millimeter wave imaging system for concealed weapon detection. The method uses Huygens’ Principle to compute one field component on selected planes of the imaging set-up. The accuracy of the method is evaluated by comparing it to(More)
The goal of this work was to model the influence of the substrate skin effects on the distributed mutual impedance per unit length parameters of multiple coupled onchip interconnects. The proposed analytic model is based on the frequency-dependent distribution of the current in the silicon substrate and the closed form integration approach. It is shown that(More)
This paper reports on novel RF-MEMS capacitive switching devices implementing an electrically floating metal layer covering the dielectric to ensure intimate contact with the bridge in the down state. This results in an optimal switch down capacitance and allows optimisation of the down/up capacitance ratio all of which is not possible with conventional(More)
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