B. Nassersharif

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Current interest in the application of nuclear reactor driven power systems to space missions has generated a need for an accurate systems model which is capable of handling the nonlinear transient simulation of such systems [1],[2]. A project to develop a code specifically designed to model and analyze space reactor systems is currently ongoing at Texas(More)
Real-time access to large scientific and heterogeneous environmental data has prompted the need for the development of tools allowing efficient data storage, data compression, interactive data browsing, data manipulation, data visualization, searching, and downloading. In this paper we discuss some of the implementation requirements involved in the design(More)
CATALISP (Computer Aided Transient Analysis coded in Lisp) is a prototype expert system which is the result of a project investigating and implementing event confidence-levels (used by reactor safety experts in reactor transient analysis) in the form of an expert system. Currently, CATALISP is designed to diagnose reactor transients by analyzing simulated(More)
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