B. Nammathao

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1. The SCR-habituation test, used as a tool to detect an anxiolytic activity, is applied to the study of several anxiogenic drugs. This test is based on the measure of the SCR-extinction time (i.e. habituation) got by the way of an iterative photostimulus. 2. 8 anxiogenic compounds are tested. They delay significantly and quantitatively the SCR habituation.(More)
Correlation between specific binding potencies "in vitro" of several benzodiazepines and activities in SCR-habituation test is very satisfactory. As the SCR-habituation test might be considered as an elementary model of anxiety state, the test is suggested to be used as an intermediate psychopharmacological tool before clinical study. SCR-magnitude test(More)
SCR-hypoxia test is based on the possible recovery by treatments tested of the SCR depressed through hypoxia. All drugs were administered intraperitoneally to male and female Swiss Orl mice randomized into groups of 10. SCR is measured with a palmar skin conductance-meter, in response to a photostimulus. This apparatus takes place in a cell allowing working(More)
A method (habituation test) for studying habituation of the palmar skin conductance response (SCR) during iterative photostimulation in mice is described. Twenty drugs known for their CNS stimulant activity and/or beneficial action on learning were tested for their antagonism toward habituation. With most of the drugs tested, the delay in SCR extinction was(More)
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