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This paper deals with a realistic variant of flowshop scheduling, namely the hybrid flexible flowshop. A hybrid flowshop mixes the characteristics of regular flowshops and parallel machine problems by considering stages with parallel machines instead of having one single machine per stage. We also investigate the flexible version where stage skipping might(More)
Keywords: Data mining Clustering k-means algorithm Multi-criteria decision making Analytic hierarchy process University major ranking problem a b s t r a c t Although all university majors are prominent, and the necessity of their presence is of no question, they might not have the same priority basis considering different resources and strategies that(More)
Although production and transportation scheduling problems are of two essential issues in supply chain management, they are rarely integrated. In this paper, we study the problem of production and transportation scheduling to minimize total cost of supply chain. The problem is mathematically modeled. Moreover, a novel metaheuristic based on an imperialist(More)