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A new theoretical model is presented which describes dynamics of interaction between the plasmic membrane, cell cortex and cytoplasmic liquid. Analysis of the equation system describing this interaction has shown that besides the uniform solution (corresponding to a flat cell surface) there exists the stable autowave solution (corresponding to standing or(More)
The morphogenetic movements of embryonic epithelia are preceded by their marking into motor active and passive zones. It is carried out as a result of spontaneous splitting of the epithelial layer to domains of morphologically polarized (motor active) and isotropic cells. Processes of the cellular level are dependent on the global supracellular(More)
Influence of ionic strength on the kinetics of the promoter complex formation between E. coli RNA polymerase and T7 phage DNA was investigated using a membrane filter assay. The enzyme-promoter association rate constant was determined. It varies from 10(9) to 3 x 10(7) M-1 sec-1 when the ionic strength is changed from zero to 0.15 M NaCl. Basing on the(More)
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