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One of the most universal events in morphogenesis is the formation of domains of morphologically polarized cells in the initially homogeneous epithelial sheets. We investigate the possibility of considering this process as a phenomenon of self-organization which is based upon the following experimentally proven mechanochemical cell properties: (1) a(More)
It is well known that in embryonic tissues at the key stages of morphogenesis there arise stable, stage--specific tension fields. These fields occur due to particular pattern of morphologically polarized cells. Some basic properties have been understood previously. 1. Morphologically polarized and isotropic shapes correspond to the alternative stable states(More)
A new theoretical model is presented which describes dynamics of interaction between the plasmic membrane, cell cortex and cytoplasmic liquid. Analysis of the equation system describing this interaction has shown that besides the uniform solution (corresponding to a flat cell surface) there exists the stable autowave solution (corresponding to standing or(More)
Mathematical model of antagonistic interrelations of biological species in which the migration is taken into account is considered. The ecological nish, occupied by one of the antagonistic species cannot be populated by the other if the initial quantity of the new species does not exceed the particular value. This is considered as the demonstration of the(More)
The kinetics of promoter complex formation of E. coli RNA polymerase with T7 phage DNA was studied under different ionic strengths at DNA concentrations 0.15, 1.5 and 20 microns/ml. Based on the results obtained the non-specific binding constants, Keq, and the promoter complex formation rate constants, kp, were estimated. Within ionic strength range 0 + 125(More)
The emergence of the developmental axis within the early aggregate Dictyostelium discoideum is analyzed. Macroscopic parameters of physical continuum such as hydrostatic pressure and surface tension are applied to the cell mass. Cell chemotaxis, differential rate of attractant production by the prestalk and prespore cells and attractant diffusion are shown(More)
The problem of stability of inhomogeneous stationary states in kinetic systems with nonlinear local dynamics and diffusion is studied. Stability criterion applicable in the case of one rate equation or two coupled rate equations with the diffusion term presented at one of them is formulated in the integral form. It is made the conclusion on the absence of(More)
The results of general investigation presented at the previous paper [9] are applied to interpreting the spatial ordering upon positional differentiation at the development of multicellular organisms. The very form of local dynamics is not specified for the lack of sufficient information about the mechanisms of biosynthesis regulation in multicellular(More)
Mechanism of spontaneous initiation of bendings in plane cellular layers is considered. The theoretical consideration is underlied by an experimentally substantiated hypothesis concerning local activation of cellular divisions in the places of future protrudings. The disturbance of the plane form of the cell layer is the result of Euler instability locally(More)