B. Moreira

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Intraspecific trait variability has a fundamental contribution to the overall trait variability. However, little is known concerning the relative role of local (e.g. disturbances and species interaction) and regional (biogeographical) processes in generating this intraspecific trait variability. While biogeographical processes enhance plant trait(More)
Some plant secondary compounds, such as terpenes, are very flammable; however, their role in enhancing plant flammability is poorly understood and often neglected in reviews on plant chemical ecology. This is relevant as there is growing evidence that flammability-enhancing traits are adaptive in fire-prone ecosystems. We analyzed the content of(More)
Most games and other interactive virtual environments focus on rendering natural phenomena in the most believable manner by using accurate visuals and physics. However, not much effort has been put into accounting for the physics of sound. The simulation of the real behavior of sound through an environment, when considering the speed of sound, reflection,(More)
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