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Feature extraction and classification of electro-physiological signals is an important issue in development of disease diagnostic expert system (DDES). In this paper we propose a method based on chaos methodology for EEG signal classification. The nonlinear dynamics of original EEGs are quantified in the form of entropy, largest Lyapunov exponent (LLE),(More)
The fungus Mucor sp. isolated from the marine sponge Spirastrella sp. produced extracellular L-asparaginase. The maximum L-asparaginase activity was found at 50 degrees C. The activation and deactivation energies of the partially purified enzyme were 9.58 and 21.69 kcal mol-1, respectively. The enzyme activity was not affected by the addition of 4% (w/v)(More)
At present-day scenario, renewable energy sources become a substitute source of energy to reduce environment pollution and future energy demand. Commonly pulse width modulated voltage source inverter is widely used for the interconnecting renewable to the existing grid. For the control of the converter hysteresis current controller is one of the popular(More)
The frequency band of 26.5-40 GHz is used for Ka-Band communication which includes wide band multimedia services, mobile information systems, SPACELAN, e-Commerce and high bandwidth internet using high capacity for more user demand. But communication in this high frequency is more susceptible to rain attenuation which degrades the link quality and decreases(More)
This paper outlines the current state of Network MIMO as a viable technique for increasing the performance of wireless communication systems by cancelling the intercell interference in the near future. It also presents the results of a simulation environment designed to compare the BER performance capabilities of a wireless multiuser OFDM systems with and(More)
In the present circumstances in order to gratify the supply demand equation of electrical power the renewable energy source is the only alternative. However it is very difficult to comprehend and exploit renewable energy due to its stochastic character. That's why it is often cited as an obstacle for the grid integration. In most of the cases current(More)
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