B. Mohammed Imran

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Noise Suppression from images is one of the most important concerns in digital image processing. Impulsive noise may occur during image acquisition, transmission or storage Noise should be removed in such a way that important information of image should be preserved. We can use so many algorithms for getting the original image, by removing salt and pepper(More)
In modern day crimes and terrorism, it has become imperative to identify by features the criminals who are involved and who have caused such a disaster. The current work is a basic step towards such an important identification process. In this direction, we begin our work with the identification of fuzzy geometric shapes, which resemble with the actual(More)
The need for preserving secrecy of sensitive data has been ever-increasing with the new developments in digital communication. In this paper, we present an advanced method for embedding encrypted secret data in grayscale images to provide high level security of data for communication over unsecured channels. The proposed system combines the features of(More)
Steganography and Cryptography proposes popular ways of sending vital information in a secret way. One hides the existence of the message and the other distorts the contents of message itself. Both the methods can be combined by encrypting message using cryptography and then hiding the encrypted message using steganography. The resulting stego-image can be(More)
Several researchers are concentrated on cancellation of salt and pepper noise from the two-dimensional signals like digital images and uses several filters like mean filter, median filter, trimmed median filter etc. , for removal of noise. A novel approach has been implemented using a filter so called Additive White Median Filter (AWMF) for filtering the(More)
This study is an attempt to determine the genetic diversity and relationships among fourteen local isolate isolated from patients with Aspergillosis (Aspergillus fumigatus) by using the simple sequence repeat polymerase chain reaction (ISSR-PCR). Twelve universal primers used in this study produced 94 bands across fourteen isolates. Of these bands, 67 bands(More)
This paper presents an unsupervised approach based on contourlet image fusion and fuzzy clustering for change detection in sar images.In this novel approach image fusion is used to produce difference image from log ratio and mean ratio images.For an optimal difference image, it should retain the unchanged areas and enhance the changed areas.so contourlet(More)
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