B. Mitchell Peck

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Background. Relatively little is known about patient characteristics associated with doctor-patient interaction style and satisfaction with the medical visit. Objective. The primary study objectives are to assess: whether doctors interact in a more or less patient-centered style with elderly patients and whether patient age moderates the relationship(More)
Attitude to the subject of chemistry was quantified in first-year undergraduate nursing students, at two geographically distinct universities. A purpose-designed diagnostic instrument (ASCI) was given to students at Federation University, Australia (n= 114), and at Fiji National University, Fiji (n=160). Affective and cognitive sub-scales within ASCI showed(More)
Preschool children have been reported to remember more visual than auditory content from television programs. 80 preschool children were randomly assigned to conditions where visual or auditory components of a televised program on personal safety were manipulated. Visually modeled actions were slightly more salient for preschool-age children than actions(More)
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