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Ziel der Studie: Ziel dieser Untersuchungen war es, in einer ersten Studie die klinische Effektivität einer Dosiserhöhung beim kombinierten Ischiadikus/3-in-1-Block von 500 mg auf 650 mg nachzuweisen (offene Studie mit 29 Patienten im Vergleich zu 30 Patienten aus einer früheren Studie) und die Ergebnisse in einer zweiten Studie (jetzt randomisierter 2(More)
Data about adverse events can be particularly useful when assessing newly marketed drugs. However, spontaneous reporting of adverse events does not generally provide sufficient or highly accurate data on incidence and prevalence. In order to provide the most complete and accurate data, a postmarketing surveillance program (PMSP) for auranofin (AF) oral gold(More)
One hundred twenty-one patients with active RA were randomly assigned to receive 6 mg auranofin (AF)/day (60 patients) or 50 mg gold sodium thiomamate (GST)/week (62 patients) in a double-blind fashion. There were no intergroup differences with respect to sex, age, duration (median 2 years), stage and activity of the disease. In the case of “striking(More)
The pharmacokinetics of macrocrystalline formulations of nitrofurantoin (50 mg and 150 mg) were studied after single dose administration in 10 healthy male volunteers, using a cross-over study design. The total estimation of the pharmacokinetic data was calculated simultaneously from all of the single values, using a direct search procedure based on an open(More)
The results of longterm therapy with the oral gold preparation auranofin in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) were evaluated based on the following data: 1) Two multicenter open uncontrolled studies (MTC06) and (162EMUA-RA), 2) the reevaluation ot these data for the MTC06 study after 4 years from the beginning of the study and 3) the results of a(More)
The objective of the study was to investigate the clinical effectiveness of increasing the dosage of prilocaine for a combined 3-in-1/sciatic nerve block from 500 to 650 mg (open study with 29 patients compared with 30 patients from a former study) and to validate these findings in a second stage (randomised study comparing two groups of 30 patients each).(More)
The pharmacokinetic behaviour of paracetamol (300 mg) and salicylamide (200 mg) in the course of combined repetitive (three times tau = 4 h) administration of suppositories was investigated in 10 healthy, male volunteers. The estimation of the pharmacokinetic constants was performed by a simultaneous curve fitting from all single values with a direct search(More)