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Two particularly problematic clinical entities are chosen from the many possible causes of the pathophysiology of subglottic tracheal stenoses in childhood: malformations of the "hard" and "soft" types of stenosis occurring typically as primary lesions; and stenoses caused by trauma (following intubation or faulty tracheostomy) as the most common secondary(More)
On the basis of the results in 3 own observations the endoscopic picture of the intramural oesophageal diverticulosis has been described in detail. It is characterized by an increased tonus of the oesophagus inlet musculature, a conspicuously non-irritant oesophageal mucosa, the absence or only a slightly indicated and irregular course of the expansion(More)
4 deaths due to aspiration of a nasal pack with a similar sequence of events are reported to draw attention to the increased risk of nasal packing under general anaesthesia. The legal questions of anticipating the problems, avoidance of the incident, observance of the required degree of care and the distribution of the responsibility between the surgery and(More)
The defluxion conditions of lymphatic current, bounded close to the interrelation of anatomical larynx structure and intralaryngeal propagation of cancer, come together the boundary of still authorized and as yet exceeded indication of partial laryngectomy, so that there is to require a strict selection of the particular case. Infinitely good formula and(More)