B Michele Melia

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PURPOSE To evaluate the extent of neural cell death in eyes with disciform age-related macular degeneration. METHODS Six eyes with disciform degeneration at various stages and five age-matched control eyes were selected for morphometric analysis using digitized light microscopic images. Disciform scars were classified as subneurosensory retinal,(More)
A novel paired-like homeobox gene, designated as Qrx, was identified by a yeast one-hybrid screen using the bovine Rhodopsin promoter Ret-1 DNA regulatory element as bait. Qrx is preferentially expressed in both the outer and inner nuclear layers of the retina. Its homeodomain is nearly identical to that of Rx/Rax, a transcription factor that is essential(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine 95% limits of agreement on a measurement and on a difference between 2 measurements for the prism and alternate cover test (PACT) at distance and at near fixation. METHODS In a test-retest reliability study, 143 children aged 60 months or younger with esotropia were examined by 2 masked examiners on 1 or 2 occasions yielding 199(More)
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