B. Michael Wilber

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This paper presents a functional overview of the features and capabilities of QLISP, one of the newest of the current generation of very high level languages developed for use in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. QLISP is both a programming language and an interactive programming environment. It embeds an extended version of QA4, an earlier AI(More)
[1] We present the first observations at an interplanetary shock of large‐amplitude (> 100 mV/m pk‐pk) solitary waves and large‐amplitude (∼30 mV/m pk‐pk) waves exhibiting characteristics consistent with electron Bernstein waves. The Bernstein‐like waves show enhanced power at integer and half‐integer harmonics of the cyclotron frequency with a broadened(More)
The inner magnetosphere's current mapping is one of the key elements for current loop closure inside the entire magnetosphere. A method for directly computing the current is the multi-spacecraft curlometer technique, which is based on the application of Maxwell-Ampère's law. This requires the use of four-point magnetic field high resolution measurements.(More)
Earth's bow shock is a collisionless shock wave but entropy has never been directly measured across it. The plasma experiments on Cluster and Double Star measure 3D plasma distributions upstream and downstream of the bow shock allowing calculation of Boltzmann's entropy function H and his famous H theorem, dH/dt≤0. The collisionless Boltzmann (Vlasov)(More)
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