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Diamond photonics provides an attractive architecture to explore room temperature cavity quantum electrodynamics and to realize scalable multiqubit computing. Here, we review the present state of diamond photonic technology. The design, fabrication and characterization of a novel nanobeam cavity produced in a single crystal diamond are demonstrated. The(More)
We present a photonic crystal high-Q nanocavity realized on a single crystal diamond membrane produced by ion implantation. The cavity is patterned by Focused-Ion-Beam milling. The micro-photoluminescence exhibits Q ≈ 500 at λ = 612 nm and clear polarization dependence.
A low effective oxide thickness of 1.45 nm was achieved in HfAlO films deposited by an electron beam gun evaporator on unheated p-Si substrate. A reduction of the leakage current density from 1 · 10 4 to 4.5 · 10 7 A/cm, at an electric field 3 MV/cm, with annealing temperature and a breakdown electric field of 10 MV/cm were demonstrated for ultra thin(More)
A single crystal diamond nanobeam with a triangular cross-section and 1D-Bragg reflectors is reported. Modeling shows Q&#x2248;2.5&#x00D7;10<sup>6</sup>, V<sub>m</sub>=1.06&#x00D7;(&#x03BB;/n)<sup>3</sup>. A low-Q cavity version was fabricated by Focused-Ion-Beam, exhibiting a clear mode confinement spectrum.
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