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A single crystal diamond nanobeam with a triangular cross-section and 1D-Bragg reflectors is reported. Modeling shows Q&#x2248;2.5&#x00D7;10<sup>6</sup>, V<sub>m</sub>=1.06&#x00D7;(&#x03BB;/n)<sup>3</sup>. A low-Q cavity version was fabricated by Focused-Ion-Beam, exhibiting a clear mode confinement spectrum.
We present a photonic crystal high-Q nanocavity realized on a single crystal diamond membrane produced by ion implantation. The cavity is patterned by Focused-Ion-Beam milling. The micro-photoluminescence exhibits Q &#x2248; 500 at &#x03BB; = 612 nm and clear polarization dependence.
A low effective oxide thickness of $1.45 nm was achieved in HfAlO films deposited by an electron beam gun evap-orator on unheated p-Si substrate. A reduction of the leakage current density from 1 · 10 À4 to 4.5 · 10 À7 A/cm 2 , at an electric field 3 MV/cm, with annealing temperature and a breakdown electric field of 10 MV/cm were demonstrated for ultra(More)
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