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This paper presents a variant of Vogel's approximation method (VAM) for transportation problems. The importance of determining efficient solutions for large sized transportation problems is borne out by many practical problems in industries, the military, etc. With this motivation, a few variants of VAM incorporating the total opportunity cost (TOC) concept(More)
— Maintaining the energy of sensors in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is important in critical applications. It has been a challenge to design wireless sensor networks to enable applications for oceanographic data collection, pollution monitoring, offshore exploration, disaster prevention, assisted navigation and tactical surveillance applications. WSN(More)
Now a day's solar fed cascaded structure converter is used to cut back the number of semiconductor switches in power electronics circuits. The binary, trinary and `Modified structure Converter' (MMC)-based topologies are acceptable contrast input sources from solar Photo-Voltaic (PV). thus to induce a 15-level inverter, in binary mode by exploitation twelve(More)
A DC-DC/AC Non isolated cuk converter is designed in this paper. This system comprises the centralized switching circuit, Non Isolated Cuk Converters, bidirectional port and battery. Renewable energy resources (Solar and Fuel cell) which are produced the DC outputs are given as inputs to this proposed system, whereas the output is either AC or DC without(More)
Mucocele first described by langenbeck in 1818, is an epithelial lined, mucous containing sac completely filling the sinus and capable of expansion. 1 A clinically significant mucocele most commonly originates in the frontoethmoidal sinus. 2 Frontoethmoidal areas are most susceptible to mucocele formation due to complexity of its drainage as compared to(More)
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