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A single feed compact microstrip antenna is proposed in this paper. Two L slits are introduced at right side of the patch. For the proposed antenna resonant frequencies are obtained at 3.48 GHz, 4.34 GHz and 5.65 GHz with bandwidth of 19 MHz, return loss –20.2 dB, 42.6 MHz, return loss-30.5 dB and bandwidth of 39.2 MHz, return loss-20.2 dB respectively. The(More)
Ultrasound images are masked by multiplicative speckle noise caused by random interference between coherent backscattered waves. This paper presents an efficient algorithm for real-time speckle cleaning filter of ultrasound images and its VLSI implementation in FPGA. The algorithm presented here implements a regular, tunable filter with an optimized(More)
A single feed compact microstrip antenna is proposed in this paper. L slit is introduced on the right edge of the patch to study the effect of the slit on radiation behavior with respect to a conventional microstrip patch. dB respectively. The antenna has been reduced by 63 % when compared to a conventional rectangular microstrip patch. The characteristics(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for speckle reduction of ultrasound image and its implementation using EDK 7.1i (Embedded Development Kit) on ML310 embedded development platform wherein the image is read from an image data file to a set of slave registers in the filter core through the On-Chip Peripheral Bus (OPB) and thereby processed in the filter(More)
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