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An active foamy virus integrase is required for virus replication.
Foamy viruses (FVs) make use of a replication strategy which is unique among retroviruses and shows analogies to hepadnaviruses. The presence of an integrase (IN) and obligate provirus integrationExpand
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Foamy virus reverse transcriptase is expressed independently from the Gag protein.
In the foamy virus (FV) subgroup of retroviruses the pol genes are located in the +1 reading frame relative to the gag genes and possess potential ATG initiation codons in their 5' regions. ThisExpand
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Expression of human foamy virus reverse transcriptase involves a spliced pol mRNA.
In human foamy virus (HFV) the reverse transcriptase is expressed independently of the Gag protein as a 127-kDa Pol precursor molecule. Evaluating the mechanism of Pol expression we identified aExpand
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