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The evolution of the boson peak with densification at medium densification rates (up to 2.3%) in silicate glasses was followed through heat capacity measurements and low frequency Raman scattering. It is shown that the decrease of the boson peak induced by densification does not conform to that expected from a continuous medium; rather it follows a two step(More)
Plasticity in amorphous silica is unusual: The yield stress decreases with hydrostatic pressure, in contrast to the Mohr-Coulomb response commonly found in more compact materials such as bulk metallic glasses. To better understand this response, we have carried out molecular dynamics simulations of plastic response in a model glass with open structure. The(More)
The structural and topological properties of soda-lime silicate glasses of the form (1-2x)SiO2-xNa2O-xCaO are studied from classical molecular dynamics using a Buckingham type potential. Focus is made on three compositions (x = 6%, 12%, and 18%) which are either silica-rich or modifier-rich. We compare the results to available experimental measurements on(More)
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