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Ultrasound-guided puncture is a simple and easy to perform procedure. It would seem to be a good idea to suggest simple puncture as a first intention in cases of an image of ovarian cyst. In theory, the advantages are obvious: a puncture is performed, the liquid is analyzed and an appropriate treatment is administered. Coelio-surgery could surely be avoided(More)
152 cases of fetal death in utero are reported. The most frequent etiologies were: vasculorenal syndromes: 28.3 p. cent, idiopathic DPPNIs and RCIUs: 28 p. cent, accidental causes (trauma, funicular syndromes): 19.5 p. cent. Cause of death was unknown or imprecise in 18.4 p. cent of cases. Repeated fetal deaths in utero were rare: 5 observations. The(More)
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