B. Malcolm Brown

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Heat stress at the time of conception affects the subsequent milk production of primiparous Holstein cows; however, it is unknown whether these effects are maintained across multiple lactations. Therefore, the objective of the current study was to examine the relationship between periconceptional heat stress and measurements of milk production and(More)
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The fertility of lactating Holstein cows is severely reduced during periods of heat stress. Despite this reduction in fertility, however, some inseminations conducted during heat stress result in successful pregnancies from which heifer calves are born. Many of these heifer calves are retained and raised to enter the milking herd as replacement animals.(More)
In this paper, we confirm, with absolute certainty, a conjecture on a certain oscillatory behaviour of higher auto-ionizing resonances of atoms and molecules beyond a threshold. These results not only definitely settle a more than 30 year old controversy in Rittby et al. (1981 Phys. Rev. A24, 1636-1639 (doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.24.1636)) and Korsch et al. (1982(More)
We consider the effect of regularization by interval truncation on the spectrum of a singular non-selfadjoint Sturm-Liouville operator. We present results on spectral inclusion and spectral exactness for the cases where the singularity is in Sims Case II or Sims Case III. For Sims Case I we present a test for spectral inexactness, which can be used to(More)
Dynamic sequential computed tomographic scanning with automatic table incrementation uses low milliampere-second technique to eliminate tube cooling delays between scanning slices and, thus, markedly shortens examination times. A total of 25 patients with spinal column trauma involving 28 levels were studied with dynamic scans and retrospectively reviewed.(More)
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The author reviews the objectives, sources, preparation, and test-taking strategies commonly used by successful candidates for the certification examination of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. He suggests that examinees can benefit from the preparation process as well as increase the probability of passing by adopting these strategies.
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