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The action of sodium azide on the electron transport chain was investigated by means of oxygen evolution, fluorescence and luminescence measurements. (1) The damping of the oxygen oscillations is progressively reduced with increasing azide concentration in the range of 10(-5) - 10(-1) M. (2) The rate of the dark decay of the S2 and S3 states is considerably(More)
Glutaraldehyde-treated Chlorella cells show pH-dependent oxygen evolution characteristics. 1. The oxygen yield on the second flash (Y2) of a sequence of 2 mus flashes is pH-dependent, the rest of the sequence is unchanged. 2. This yield on the second flash increases as the dark-time between sequences is increased. 3. The deactivation times for the S2 and S3(More)
The pH dependence of the transient aerobic kinetics of cytochromes c and a has been investigated with cytochrome oxidase reconstituted in phospholipid vesicles in the absence and presence of an uncoupler and an ionophore. The cytochrome a reduction level immediately after the burst phase was 60-80% and was not significantly changed by the addition of(More)
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